The winning team from the UX/UI Design Hackathon

The winning team from the UX/UI Design Hackathon

In our previous blog post, we told you how the students from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp have completed a Hackathon.

They worked hard for 48 hours on a real project and competed with each other as part of an exciting experience that showed them what it is like to work under pressure in a short time so they can apply all the knowledge gained from the Bootcamp.

The project that students were working on was designing a marketing map.

Although all teams were fully committed and put a lot of effort into this challenge, the commission selected a winning team, consisting of Anastasia, Marija, Dragan and Zorana as the Hackathon’s winner.

This team, together with the students from the Coding Bootcamp: Aleksandar, Marija, Igor, Kire and Nikola, continued to develop and work on this real product.

We talked with the winning team from the UX/UI Design Hackathon of this Bootcamp about their experience.

Read what they told us about the process of creating their solution.

Brainster: Your task was to create a real project for a client, i.e. a marketing map. What exactly was the motive behind this project? Where do you see its implementation?

The idea for making a Marketing Map is to connect marketers and marketing agencies with companies that need marketing services. Currently, requesting and offering services according to our research and information from the client takes place on social networks or through a recommendation. The existence of such a map would facilitate that communication and that process of connecting customers with marketers.

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The winning team from the UX/UI Design Hackathon

Brainster: Working on the Hackathon means 48 hours of play. Tell us how you handled the challenge? How did the Hackathon go online?

Working on the Hackathon was a big challenge, and we worked with a team that we hadn’t been working with before. On Friday at 18:00, we had a zoom meeting with the client and discussed the brief.

The next day, we had an interview with the client, we worked on the solution and we had several meetings with the mentors.

On Sunday, we worked on a prototype and presentation, for the afternoon groups presentations for the winner to be chosen. In our team, we tried to get organized and start working on Friday night. But of course, we had things to finish before the group presentation.

The winning team from the UX/UI Design Hackathon

Brainster: What did your decision involve, and what do you think was crucial for winning?

Our solution included a clear, visually pleasing platform, built according to the customer guidelines and needs.

Additionally, in our solution, we provided personalized “Landing pages”, for different target groups of clients. I think this further singled out our solution.

Brainster: What advice would you give to colleagues on how to more easily cope with the responsibilities and challenges you have already gone through in the program?

It definitely gets hard sometimes. There are too many projects and too little time in the day. However, in our opinion, it is worth it if you want to work and upgrade in this field.

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