5 Reasons Why User Experience Matters in 2022

Did you remember the last time you were shopping online and the website was so user-friendly and easy to navigate that you bought a few items more than planned?

You can take some UX Designer for your breathtaking experience. 🙂

This is exactly what user experience (UX) is about (or you can call it customer experience). 

Before we dive into why UX matters, let’s set the basics.


What is User Experience exactly?

User experience refers to how users feel they use a product, service, application, system, etc. 

It’s actually a very broad term covering everything from:

  • how the user can navigate the product;
  • how easy it is to use; 
  • how relevant the content displayed is, etc.


5 reasons why you should care about User Experience


 1. It helps you differentiate your brand 

With so many competitors all over the market, implementing a good UX design may be one of the best ways to stand out and help customers easily recognize your brand. 

Guess what? Customer experience is becoming more important than the product or the price itself. There is a simple reason for it – it builds trust that your brand will deliver exactly what the user needs.

What does an exceptional user experience look like?

  • It has a responsive design, so your website functions flawlessly on every device.
  • Every website element is functional (no matter if it’s a button or a link).
  • Simple but eye-catching web design that engages the audience.
  • It’s easy for users to navigate the website and find what they are looking for, rather than click multiple links or search endlessly. 
  • It clearly communicates the service value of the product. 


 2. It keeps users coming back 

If you are a happy user, you will return to the website that made you happy, right? It’s human nature.

And the best part is that user-centric websites have a positive impact on customer loyalty. They foster trust and trustworthiness that keeps your audience coming back for more and more. Who wouldn’t want this?


 3. It’s economical 

You have heard this before – IT and design budgets are often limited. 

But did you know that these limitations can easily be avoided when implementing good UX strategies?

The numbers just confirm this: 

Solving poor UX problems from the start can result in a return of $10 to $100 for every dollar invested in UX. 

How great is that?


 4. Keeps your audience on your website (and app) longer 

Start from yourself. Let’s say you want to buy something online. If you go on a website that is too difficult to navigate, we are sure that you will click the exit button in no time. No hard feelings – it is just a poor design!

On the other hand, imagine a super user-friendly website, simple to use and pretty engaging. You would stay there longer and probably buy more items than expected, right? It happens to all of us.

Great UX design is the answer if you want to reduce bounce rates and keep your users on the website longer!


 5. It boosts your conversion rates 

As we mentioned before, if you want to generate sales through a website or app, you need to have your user experience well established in the first place.

The explanation is simple: 

Today, nobody buys from websites that are problematic to navigate or where you can’t immediately find what you are looking for. 

This should definitely reflect your UX design!


Final thoughts 

From brand awareness to customer loyalty, a good user experience matters, which won’t change in the near future.




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