5 reasons why UX design is a promising career for you

Are you dreaming about what a day in a new role would look like? You’re wondering if you have the “proper” background to begin working with something you’ve always enjoyed? It can be both disorienting and exhilarating to choose a new career path. 

If UX Design is on your list of possible careers, you may still wonder: is UX design a promising career for me? 


Let’s look at the top reasons to pursue a UX designer career in 2022


Reason #1: It strikes the ideal combination of technology and creativity

Because UX design necessitates both critical and creative thinking, you will be able to exercise all sides of your brain. UX allows you to use your design thinking and integrate it with web design and front-end coding features. 

In the user research process, you’ll also be able to apply human psychology. A UX Designer position would be ideal for those who enjoy both the creative process and dabbling with technology.


Reason #2: UX design provides growth opportunities

A UX work might entail everything from performing user research and usability testing to prototyping, data analysis, and tight collaboration with marketers and developers. 

You don’t have to rely on a single skill to make a living. Both soft and hard talents are used in UX design. 

The reason why is UX design a promising career is that you may anticipate learning the following skills during your career:

  • Critical thinking
  • Visual communication
  • Research
  • Product designer
  • Customer experience design
  • Service designer

UX design is a vast, cutting-edge field with limitless learning, growth, and advancement opportunities.


Reason #3: Prioritize users

As a UX designer, you get to work on real-world issues and minor, seemingly inconsequential issues. Whether it’s an app, a website, financial services, or the layout of a store, the user and their demands are at the forefront of the design process. 

Many components of UX design, such as user research, establishing personas, and obtaining product feedback, may likely appeal to you if you have a natural aptitude for empathy. Understanding and prioritizing users’ needs is at the heart of UX design.


Reason #4: Learn more about human behavior

Is UX design a good career for the altruists among us? UX design is a field that may be pretty appealing. 

Why? Simply put, in order to design a user experience that flows effectively and is delightful for the user, UX designers must put themselves in the user’s shoes. 

The user is at the core of UX design, no matter what field you work in. After all, you must first understand your users to provide the most incredible experience possible.


Reason #5: UX experts are well compensated

Meaningful work is one of, if not the most important, factors in job happiness. Salary satisfaction, on the other hand, is critical. If you believe your hard work isn’t being sufficiently appreciated, you can start looking for alternative options even if you enjoy it. 

Regardless of whether UX designers work from home or in an office, they earn a lot of money. Salaries for UX specialists are rising due to a global skills shortage and increased competition, particularly for mid-level and senior positions, determined by several factors, including years of experience, location, and type of business.


To wrap up

All of these reasons demonstrate why UX design is a promising career for you. Jobs in UX/UI design provide opportunities for growth and progression, with many UX professionals progressing to director-level positions. 

Everything you do will improve people’s access to products and services, making their lives easier. What is not to like?


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