Brainster’s learning experience is extremely valuable – especially helpful in the onboarding phase at your new job

It is our pride to be a part of our alumni and students’ successes, especially when we get to celebrate them together! Meet Anita Miskovic, our exemplary student from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp that has recently started her new journey in the professional world.


Read the entire interview to find out more about her typical day at her new role as a UX/UI Designer, and what was her recruiting experience overall


Firstly, congrats on your new job – we couldn’t be more proud! We know each other well already, so why don’t we leave the stage to you for a sweet introduction.

Hi, my name is Anita and I come from a design background where constant changes, improvement and learning played a big part in my life.


What can you tell us about the company that you work in? What do they do?

I work in Kraftwerk agency in Vienna. They are a long-standing digital agency with a technology area that handles large business applications, web and commerce portals.


Can you paint us a word picture of a typical day at your new job?

I am currently working on a project that requires weekly stand-ups, and frequent meetings with the team, so I have my schedule planned in advance. When I come to the office I always make a short reflection on the previous day and after coffee with colleagues I start my day around 9 a.m.


How does all the hardship and learning experience from Brainster’s  UX/UI Design Bootcamp translate to your work today?

My learning experience from Brainster was extremely valuable and it especially helped me to onboard faster and to understand the organization and processes better. After one month working in the company and with the great help of my team I am now responsible for the complete UX/UI design part of the project.


We know how finding your dream job can sometimes be painful. How do you feel today looking back on your journey?

From this perspective it was a great learning experience for me. Each interview was different and taught me something that I could use and improve my performance. Some interviews were very dynamic and I met people with whom I even stayed in touch. But looking back, the loss of self-confidence followed in one period. In one day everything seemed unattainable and the next day I got a job offer.


Anyone you’d like to thank for supporting you get where you are today?

I would like to thank to all the mentors and organizers from the UX/UI Brainster Academy. They were all special, teaching us different things. But special thanks goes to Damjan Obal for introducing me with UX and accompanying me in the last module with key advice and tips. Catarina Ribeiro for challenging me in the most positive way. It was the most intensive module which way of working I can most closely compare with my own work now. I think that all of this wouldn’t be possible without Maggie Jandova. She is the most responsible for my enthusiasm for finishing the portfolio without losing the motivation till the end of the journey. She followed my steps till the last interview and I had a feeling like I was fully supported.


And lastly, what would you recommend to anyone at their beginning of their UX/UI Design journey?

I would recommend staying bright, open minded, highly focused and dedicated.



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