Elena from the UX/UI Design Academy is the new addition to The New Ways company in Amsterdam

Meet Elena Fidanovska, an alumni student at our Academy of UX/UI Design. During the lectures, she showed excellent performance, didn’t miss the opportunity to participate in hackathons and create inspiring projects from scratch.

Elena currently lives in Amsterdam, where she works as a UX/UI designer at The New Ways – the most extensive company globally that manufactures and distributes cannabis smoking accessories.


We talked to Elena about her student days in Brainster and how she applies the knowledge and skills acquired in her new job.


Hello Elena! You are our student at the UX/UI Design Academy. We already know you, but what would you like to share with others? Who is Elena?

Elena is the child who in 1990-1991 imposed or not (probably due to the choice of the 3 television channels) wanted to become President of the Assembly of Macedonia and successor of Stojan Andov, the current Assembly President at that time. 

Over time, as the choice of TV channels increased, so did the desire for what I should be when I grew up. Finally, with the invention of the Internet and mobile phones, my interests shifted from becoming a politician to creating visual content and designing web and mobile applications.


You are another student who affirms that you can achieve everything you want in life with perseverance and dedication. So what are your impressions of the UX/UI Design Academy? Were there any challenges while learning and mastering the techniques?

I have previously attended many online courses and tutorials where I have learned a lot. But, I firmly believed that online classes and academies were just a waste of time because nothing could substitute classical teaching. 

The pandemic happened, and luckily, I got a lot of time to focus on myself. This is where I realized that I had a wrong perception of online classes. It turned out that attending online courses can be effective, especially when you are committed to learning. 

And when you are interested in learning, it’s natural that you have many questions and ambiguity throughout the process. Still, the good part is that you can communicate with the lecturers and mentors every step of the way. I think that was the biggest plus. On the other hand, I remembered how effective consultations with professors back in college were very rare. 


Today you work at The New Ways company. What is the company about, and why is it a cool place for you to work there?

The New Ways is the largest company in the world that manufactures and distributes cannabis smoking additives. This company produces or distributes everything you can encounter in coffee shops and souvenir stores (in places where it is allowed).


What does your workday look like? What are you currently working on, and what techniques and tools do you use?

We are currently launching our new brand, a product line with over 40 different products only in the first phase. I am in charge of product photography. This means that I am focused on the UX on B2B and B2C eCommerce websites, UX/UI on the official brand website, and designing merchandising products for business clients.


What does UX/UI design mean to you?

I will explain it in 3 words: something clear, short, and simple.


What are the main challenges that a UX/UI designer like you tackles on a daily basis?

As we work hard to make life easier for our customers, our lives are becoming more complicated. Many small and everyday things can get on our nerves: an inverted faucet, an oven at a strange height, setting the small numbers of the iPhone alarm, the lack of a back button on Instagram when you explore the app, and so on.


What is the achievement you are most proud of?

I felt very proud when I gathered all my things in two small suitcases and a backpack and moved to live in Amsterdam.


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Definitely not on the beach or in the mountains working alone on a computer, no matter how much technology allows us to do that. I don’t know what my next profession or my job title will be. But, I know for sure that I will be celebrating with my team many successfully created and launched products.


Finally, what motivated you to enroll in this UX/UI Academy and change your career? What advice would you give to all those who are still thinking about a UX / UI designer career and want to take a step toward this direction?

The world does not stand still, and it never will. There are no more professions that can survive up to 30-40 years without facing the challenges brought by new technologies. This is where the need for UX / UI designers comes in handy to access and operate many innovative tools that we will need to stay competitive in the market. Just imagine how much calmer it is in our heads after the app Shazam appeared.

The future is definitely in learning and landing a UX/UI design job! The same goes for learning Mandarin. 🙂


The enrollment for the next group at the UX/UI Design Academy is in progress! The interest is too high and the number of places limited, so make sure you save your slot on time!

Make an appointment with our student success manager for more details about the program!

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