Stronger Together: Helping an NGO on their mission against violence and human trafficking

Students from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp helped an NGO fight against violence and human trafficking through UX research and a brand new design.

Open Gate La Strada operates the first and only SOS hotline specialized for help, support, and reporting possible cases of human trafficking in the country. They have the first and only shelter center for violence and human trafficking victims.

Brainster recognizes organizations of any size and type working towards making a difference globally, and we are happy to have collaborated with Open Gate to land them a hand in achieving their mission.



The project objective was to create a platform where all beneficiaries could get information on the topic firsthand. The goal was to create a place where they could find information on how, why, and where to report possible cases of human trafficking. In parallel, they wanted to attract existing and new donors and enhance the network of supporters in their mission.

Four teams worked on this project within a 3-weeks time to deliver the solution. They operated towards the same objective and goals under the mentorship of the instructor Maggie Jandova. Together, they worked tirelessly to ensure the project’s success. The image below shows what the project milestones looked like.



The teams worked hard to eliminate La Strada’s current pain points and improve the experience their website offers. They used extensive research (user, desk, competitive), testing, and ideation to identify challenges that needed to be addressed. 

The teams discovered how to tackle those challenges through validation and usability testing.



In the end, all teams presented their solutions to LaStrada: challenges, research, findings, testing and discovery results, a demo of their working prototypes packed together in the form of a story. Even though they worked towards the same objectives and goals, each story was captivating and enticing in its unique way.

The winning team of the project was Team 4, consisting of Jan Kepinski, Enikő Sliz-Veres, and Nóra Mezőfi. Their solution resonated the most with the balance between the stakeholder’s objectives, goals, challenges, and the voice of their users. 

They did an excellent job packing the entire project into a remarkable experience.



Congratulations to all teams on their joined efforts, determination, and perseverance! A big ‘thank you’ goes to everyone at Open Gate LaStrada for helping us create this opportunity for our students. 

It is always a pleasure to create experiences with our students and co-innovation partners. Cheers for many more exciting partnerships like this one ahead of us!


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