In UX design, everyone can contribute with their unique skillset and knowledge!

Meet Eva Herceg from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp our Student of the Month for February.

Eva is an excellent example that in every learning experience, the biggest value is the people who support you and learn with you along the way. 


In this interview, Eva shares her motivation to keep going even though things seem impossible to learn.


What is your secret sauce when it comes to learning?

Asking a lot of questions, watching YouTube videos, and my favorite – trying things out. Or, in other words – learning by doing. 🙂


What was something that you are proud to have achieved during the Digital UX Design module?

Learn the basics of Figma. Maybe even a bit more than just basics. I’m very inexperienced when it comes to design and technology. I found it really challenging at the beginning (and in the middle).


What would you say offered the best learning experience and support for you in this module?

Colleagues who were kind and listened to (and often answered) my questions, YouTube videos, extra resources, our mentor Martin Tenovski who had a lot of patience, and the recordings of the lessons.


Can you paint us a word picture of how did you feel at the start of the unit vs. at the end?

In the beginning, it was pretty challenging because I needed to work double as much outside of the class to catch up with the learnings and lessons. 

Today, I feel more confident using Figma, and the results come faster. But there is still work that needs to be done to effortlessly use Figma as a tool.


Can you share one thing that you are most proud of achieving?

In the Brainster Bootcamp, I’m most proud of using UX principles with technology as tools that help us develop ideas and make them into tangible products that serve people all over the world.


Any last bits of advice that you would give to potential students who want to break into UX/UI Design in 2022?

What I found most helpful is the understanding that you are not alone in the learning process. In the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, the biggest value is the people who support you and learn with you along the way. 

You can learn a great deal from your colleagues as well as your mentors. In UX design, everyone can contribute with their unique set of skills and knowledge.


„Selecting the student of the month was a difficult decision to make. Eva Herceg is always ready to learn something new, challenge herself, and never leave anything unfinished. Her commitment to the project, as well as all other tasks, speaks for itself. She is a team player. Always keen on getting reviews, directions, and feedback.“ – Martin Tenovski, an instructor at the UX/UI Design Bootcamp


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