Curiosity can lead you to wonderful paths, and if you work hard enough, you accomplish all your dreams!

Meet Laura Portillo from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp – our Student of the Month for January.

Laura believes that nothing comes easy. She encourages everyone to consider UX/UI design as the right career choice if they like technology and design.


In this interview, Laura shares her motivation to keep learning and never give up when things are tough


What is your secret sauce when it comes to learning?

I am fueled by tea and loud music. I drink way too much tea. People like coffee, but I just can’t live without tea. 🙂

I work as an English teacher in a Kindergarten by day, and at night, I study UX/UI Design and do some illustration work. I even go to events to sell my products and have tons of fun doing it. 

I love everything that involves crafting, such as sewing, painting, building stuff, etc. 


What were you proud to have achieved during the UX Processes & Facilitation?

I am glad I was able to share knowledge in an interesting and dynamic way.


What would you say offered the best learning experience and support for you in this module?

Our lecturer, Amedea Derenda Mujezinović, was pretty hands-on in answering every single question I had. She made us understand that successful facilitation can be hard even for people with years of experience. 

However, successful facilitation is achievable no matter your work experience or educational background. I also want to say that my teammates were excellent, and I am super proud of everything we accomplished as a team.


“It was a very tough call to pick the student of the month for the UX/UI Design Bootcamp. Laura was always willing to participate, making sure their group had all the needed information. She implemented feedback really well and grew a lot from it.” Amedea Derenda Mujezinović, Senior UX Specialist and Lecturer at Brainster’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp


Can you paint us a word picture of how you felt at the start of the unit vs. at the end?

In the beginning, I felt utterly lost. I really thought that my experience as a teacher would help me, but that wasn’t the case.  At the end of the unit, I felt pretty confident being part of it. I also had tons of fun with my teammates, especially when brainstorming ideas.


Can you share one thing that you are most proud of achieving?

I can say I am pretty content with being part of this experience. Going through a UX/UI Design Bootcamp program is not easy, but it’s gratifying to know that you are gaining knowledge. I love learning! It may sound nerdy, but that’s true.


Any last bits of advice that you would give to potential students who want to break into UX/UI Design in 2022?

Nothing comes easy! If you like to design and use technology, perhaps this profession is ideal for you. Just be aware that you really need to give it time to be hands-on and have a thirst for learning new things. 

Curiosity can lead you to wonderful paths, and if you work hard enough, you can accomplish all your dreams. Don’t let anything stop you!

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