Even when you fail, keep on trying and remain true to yourself

Every learning process has its ups and downs. Sometimes you may feel like you are stuck in the learning material and can’t figure out things. But that shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dream career.

Slavomíra Galóová, our student from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, is a true inspiration for all of us. 

Despite the challenges she faced while attending the lectures, she managed to overcome failures easily, showing that everything is possible when you are true to yourself!


Read the entire interview to find out more about her typical day at her new role as a UX/UI Designer, and what was her recruiting experience overall


Firstly, congrats on your new job – we couldn’t be more proud! We already know you, but what would you like to share with others? Who is Slavomíra?

After studying psychology, encouraged by the great experience of a friend of mine, I decided to switch my career and enter the UX design field. From today’s perspective, I am so proud that I did that.


What can you tell us about the company that you work in? What do they do?

I am currently working as a Research Designer for the bank corporation Tatra Bank.


Can you paint us a word picture of a typical day at your new job?

Workdays always start with coffee. Every morning we have a stand-up meeting where all team members share their agenda for the day and the tasks they will be working on. Based on our tasks defined at the beginning of every sprint, we focus on our main priorities.


How does all the hardship and learning experience from Brainster’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp translate to your work today?

My learning journey in Brainster taught me a lot. The hard work paid off. Brainster’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp helped me understand the whole research process and conduct usability studies. Learning a tool like Figma had a massive value for me since Figma is the tool we use most of the time in our company. Today, I am in charge of the research process at my company. I also have a supervisor and a senior research designer guiding me, so I feel even more confident when working.


We know how finding your dream job can sometimes be painful. How do you feel today looking back on your journey?

I applied to many places once I completed my studies. I feel very proud of myself that I didn’t give up because many failures happened along the way. My advice is to keep on trying no matter what. Continue working on yourself and be unique in your own way.


Anyone you’d like to thank for supporting you to get where you are today?

I am thankful that I have a family that supported me during the UX/UI Design Bootcamp and still supports me. I am also grateful for my friends who inspire me to do things without them even knowing it.


And lastly, what would you recommend to anyone at the beginning of their UX/UI Design journey?

My recommendation would be: Keep learning! There are new ways, unique designs, innovative approaches that are very interesting and can enrich your current knowledge at a scale. Why not give it a try?


The enrollment for the next group at the UX/UI Design Bootcamp is in progress! The interest is too high and the number of places limited, so make sure you save your slot on time!

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