From a passion for UX Design to becoming a UX/UI Specialist in only 7 months

Imagine that you have always had a passion for user-centric design, and a few months later, you land your dream job exactly in this field. This is what happened to Tea Požgajčić Prpić, our student at the UX/UI Design Bootcamp.

Her talent was recognized by the team at Convergent Media Group, where she currently works as a UX/UI Designer.


Read the entire interview to find out more about her typical day at her new role as a UX/UI Designer, and what was her recruiting experience overall


Tea, congrats on your new job – we couldn’t be more proud! We know each other well already, so why don’t we leave the stage to you for our audience to meet you? 

Hi, my name is Tea. My educational background holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. My enthusiasm towards design and new technologies and my passion for understanding human behavior led me to enroll in Brainster’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp. This experience helped me land my dream job in UX/UI design.


You currently work at the Convergent Media Group. What is the company about?

Since June 2021, I’m officially a UX/UI Designer at Convergent Media Group. CMG is a full-service digital agency that creates end-to-end solutions for web, mobile, and other digital products for clients worldwide.


What does your typical working day look like?

My working day depends on the project I’m running on at that moment. When I have short-term projects with a very short deadline, I devote most of my working day designing and prototyping low-fi and high-fi wireframes in Figma. The goal is to implement the client’s feedback to deliver the most efficient solution in a shorter period of time. 

On the other hand, long-term projects include a lot of teamwork and utilizing different UX methods. The team usually comprises two UX/UI Designers and a Project Manager. Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and SEO Analysts can also be involved in these projects. 

When working on long-term projects, we have multiple meetings, workshops, and brainstorming sessions over a few weeks, depending on the type and phase of the project.


How does all the hardship and learning experience from Brainster’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp translate to your work today?

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the immense support of Brainster’s instructors, who pushed me forward and helped me every step of the way during the UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Thanks to them, in only 7 months, I went from being interested in UX design to becoming a UX/UI specialist who handles her own projects and clients. The learning experience was precious, mainly working on real projects with real stakeholders. 

This learning journey helped me understand the whole UX design process:

  • Receiving the brief
  • Handing over the design to developers
  • Analyzing post-launch metrics
  • Reiterating the design accordingly


Finding your dream job can be a painful process. How do you feel looking back on your journey today?

My experience finding a job was seamless, thanks to our instructors, who helped us make a great CV and portfolio. They showed us how to present ourselves during different stages of the hiring process. 

The week after I graduated from Brainster’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp, I already had job interviews with two different companies. One of those companies recruited me over LinkedIn. After two interviews with them, I accepted the job offer at CMG, where I started working precisely one month after our last class at Brainster.


Who would you like to thank for supporting you to get where you are today?

I want to thank the whole team at UX/UI Bootcamp for supporting me during my journey. Each instructor was exceptional and taught me different UX/UI design aspects, all equally important when working in this field. 

A big thanks goes to Damjan Obal. He showed me what UX genuinely is and made me fall in love with the whole process. Catarina Ribeiro, thank you for teaching me the laws of UI. I went into this entire experience with zero experience in UI design, and after your classes, I could suddenly design the whole interface by myself. 

And last but not least, big thanks to Maggie Jandova and Maya Cvetanoska for helping me with my CV and portfolio, giving me enthusiasm and motivation to push through, and supporting me through the whole process.


And lastly, what would you recommend to anyone starting their UX/UI Design journey?

Believe in yourself, and don’t hesitate to pursue your passion! Be determined and open-minded, stay focused and positive, and you will succeed on this beautiful journey that will change your life!


The enrollment for the next group at the UX/UI Design Bootcamp is in progress! The interest is too high and the number of places limited, so make sure you save your slot on time!

Make an appointment with our student success manager for more details about the program!

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