UX/UI design trends to watch for in 2022

Did you know that 94% of first user impressions are based on the website/app design?

Guess what? This number will expand as we approach 2022. It won’t matter how practical your solution is. If it has a poor or outdated design, it’s game over for you!

How to ensure your UX/UI looks and feels excellent in 2022?

By adopting the next big UX/UI design trends in 2022!


Here is what to expect:


1. Voice User Interface (VUI) as an alternative for typing

If you use voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa, you are already familiar with how it works.

UI allows you to interact with the UI by voice command. This way, you don’t need to type through the interface because your talking will do that instead of you.


2. Cool 3D Visuals

Understanding 3D technology is more important than ever because 3D effects have the power to offer users a more informative and engaging experience. 

Everything is so much cooler when you see it in a three-dimensional appearance, right?



3. A personalized experience that appeals to human nature

If a user doesn’t find a customized experience in your website/app, believe us, they won’t hesitate to go to your competitors in no time.

Ensuring that your audience receives a personalized UX/UI design experience will help you stand out from competitors.


4. Neomorphism as an innovative approach

This is not some Latin name of a plant. It’s actually a very popular design trend that combines aspects of skeuomorphism and flat design. It’s all about elements projecting from the screen when the user clicks on it.

In other words, neomorphism is about blending contrast effectively, using shadows and solid color. Why not give it a try?


5. Large Typography

When was the last time you actually read an entire article from A to Z? Can’t remember, right?

This is the part where the power of typography comes in. Since people scan the content on websites and apps, choosing large, sophisticated typography will play the leading role in designing a product. 

Some of the designs will be entirely based on typography, and the results will be pretty extravagant.



6. Advanced micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are an integral part of every software application, such as the “Like” feature on Instagram or “Retweet” on Twitter.

Advanced micro-interactions like gestures and touchless controls will dominate 2022 as they bring us new opportunities to craft a more intuitive user experience. 

We expect to see a massive application of this trend in 2022 for sure.


7. Gradients are back

Gradients, also known as color transitions, are back, but they are not limited to a few shades this time.

Gradients that blend or transition completely different or contrasting colors like purple and red or blue and yellow will dominate 2022.

The energy of these stunningly vibrant color transitions will make your design stand out from the crowd easily.


8. Linework

This trend feels both modern and throwback. UX/UI designers can use lines to outline sections, headers, paragraphs or develop a dynamic grid for the whole website.

This type of design will have the most significant impact in 2022 because the effects will be technical, sharp, and minimalistic.



5 useful UX/UI Design tools for 2022

  1. Qualaroo for research, design feedback, collaboration
  2. Figma for collaborative design 
  3. Sketch for prototyping, design
  4. InVision for prototyping, UI designing
  5. Proto.io for prototyping, animation


Top 10 events for UX/UI Design you should attend in 2022

  1. UX360 Research Summit 2022
  2. UX Design Awards 2022
  3. Design2022
  4. DesignOps Global Conference
  5. Product Design Week
  6. Design Matters
  7. User Research London 2022
  9. Impact 
  10. UX Strat Europe


If you are looking to kick-start your career in UX/UI design and apply all of the trends mentioned above in practice, our team will be glad to help you. 

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