Meet Sergej, a Bootcamp graduate – With UX to Pixel Perfect Design

Sergej-success story

The thirst for deep design learning brought Sergej to our Bootcamp.

Sergej Spirovski became part of the Brainster team, right after graduation, as one of the best students on our Bootcamp.

Now he is a Graphical designer at Brainster. He is also an Industrial Design student, with many hobbies, such as skateboarding, basketball, drawing, Illustrations …

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Brainster: What is your professional formal educational background? Did you always want to be a designer? How did you make this decision?

Sergej: Besides working as a graphic designer I am currently studying Industrial design. I’ve always been in love with colours, forms, and visuals so I knew that I wanted to be some kind of designer. The first drawing tablet that I got when I was little, pointed me in the Graphic Design/Illustrating direction.

Brainster: What made you choose Brainster? How was your experience? Tell us more about what you liked most 🙂

Sergej: I’m intrigued by the cool designs that Brainster has on social media and the way that Brainster communicates with the crowd. The Design Bootcamp was great, I learned a lot and expanded my skillset in a short period of time.

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Brainster: Show us your favourite project and tell us why you like it. 🙂

Sergej: The project that I had the most fun with at Brainster is a series of riddles that I illustrated. They are not out yet so here is a sneak peek from one of them.

Brainster: You worked on 2 UX design projects so far. What are some things that happened ‘on the job’, that went easy and well for you from day 1?

Sergej: Being a precise person helped me a lot. Working on UX requires everything to be pixel perfect. I combined that with my graphic design knowledge to finish these projects.

Brainster: In your opinion what is the biggest challenge a beginner designer must overcome to start doing amazing work?

Sergej: To get out of the comfort zone. To seek inspiration beyond the sources you already know. Experiment with new workflows that will produce great results.

Brainster: Being a designer request constant seek of inspiration everywhere around you. What hobbies/interests inspire you the most in your work?

Sergej: Being observant helps me to find inspiration easily. I like skateboarding. Every single skateboard has a different graphic and there is a whole heap of them. I would say that this is one of my bigger sources of inspiration. Here are a few examples…

Brainster: What is the 1 designer you admire most?

Sergej: Zimri Mayfield. He is a Youtuber. I like his charisma and his way of working.

Meet Sergej, a Bootcamp graduate - With UX to Pixel Perfect Design

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