Guide: How to start your Vienna UX/UI Design career

The average UX/UI designer pay in Vienna is €56,094/year (Glassdoor) 

This guide is compiled by the Brainster community – a network of 9000+ professionals and industry leaders – to help you navigate the landscape and become a UX/UI Designer. 

Key takeaways from the guide

What is UX/UI Design and what makes it relevant?

Why is working as a UX/UI designer so awesome?

What does a UX/UI designer do?

The background of a UX/UI designer

Am I the right fit for this profession?

The skills of a UX/UI designer

UX/UI design roles

Why should you pursue a UX/UI design role in Vienna?

What are some great designers working in Vienna?

What companies are hiring UX/UI designers in Vienna?

All-in-one career guide from the Brainster community

On learning UX/UI Design

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