What you missed: Gorjan Jovanovski on A/B testing for UX Design

What you missed: Gorjan Jovanovski on A/B testing for UX

Gorjan Jovanovski, an Eco Activist, TED Speaker, and UX/UI Design instructor at our Bootcamps was speaking on the topic A/B Testing — Democratisation of Decision Making. Find out the presentation and what you missed with Gorjan Jovanovski on A/B testing for UX Design.

A/B testing (also called split testing) is comparing two versions of a web page to figure out the better performing variation. The presentation includes examples and best practices from the personal experiences of Gorjan.

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Until recently, Gorjan was a Team Lead in Booking.com in Amsterdam, but he decided to pursue his life mission — to improve air quality globally — and shift his full focus towards his startup AirCare. Gorjan is also a part of the instructing team on our UX/UI Design Bootcamps!

Everyone interested is more than welcome to have a look at the presentation. The participants initiated some interesting discussions, exchanged opinions, and shared experiences.

Max and Jörg — thank you for hosting us, it was a pleasure. We’re looking forward to the next one.✌

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