Welcome batch #7 | Data Science Bootcamp

Welcome batch #7 | Data Science Bootcamp

We would like to welcome all participants to our Spring Data Science Bootcamp at Brainster and congratulate them on making their first step on the path to their dream job. 

We want to assure you that your time here will be filled with discoveries, new knowledge and successfully overcoming challenges.

In our mission to help young people future-proof their careers, we provide new participants with a chance to start their education in Data-Science, UX/UI Design, Business Intelligence, Graphic Design, Coding, Digital Marketing & Software Testing.

At Brainster, we have established a friendly and informal atmosphere, which we hope will make participants feel comfortable, confident and positive about making new friends, engaging with their instructors, and experiencing interactive classes.

The Data Science Bootcamp is created for sharp and determined people ready to onboard a super-intensive and hands-on program. From Data Engineering to Python, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization, this program is designed to help participants build a job-ready portfolio of projects.

The Curricular Programs are specifically designed with current industry trends in mind. You will be taught skills and acquire tools that are in demand within the industry. This will help you learn what the industry is presently looking for, so you can put your best effort into mastering it.

To land a career in the tech industry, you need to have knowledge in the following trending concepts:

  • Data Engineering in SQL
  • Data Analysis
  • Software Engineering in Python
  • Maths & Stats for Applied Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning and predictive model


Data Science Bootcamp_Brainster

At our Bootcamp, you’ll have the chance to learn from industry experts with impressive track records in their field. Our instructors will give you priceless insights into what works in the real world and what doesn’t.

Pivoting into data science may feel tough, even scary, but the whole Brainster team is here to help guide you to succeed in your careers. We strive to deliver an education that offers participants the knowledge and skills to transform their lives and land their dream job.

So be ready to embrace the new phase in your education.

Make it a great year!

Future-Proof Your Career

The admissions for the next batch of students on the Data Science Bootcamp are open. Save your spot now and begin our online prep programme.

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