Welcome – Vienna Data Science Bootcamp Students

Wishing a warm welcome to all new students on the Vienna Data Science Bootcamp!

This Autumn semester, 1000 new students began their education with Brainster – an impressive number of ambitious people who strive towards new career heights. We received 200+ applications for the Vienna Data Science Bootcamp and – after a long selection process – choosing the final participants coming from interdisciplinary backgrounds.

Starting from the very basics of Data Science, instructors Kiril Cvetkov, Frank Benda P.hD, Blagoj Kostovski, Filip Nikolovski, and Viktorija Doneva will guide this project-based curriculum.

The 8-month Data Science Bootcamp will help students master a skill set through working on real-life projects. At this Bootcamp they will:

  • Build a portfolio by working on real-life challenges
  • Learn from industry leader instructors
  • Level up by working with our Career Coach
  • Gain T-shaped skills
  • Be able to connect with a network of 9.000+ digital professionals
  • Have hiring opportunities through our Hiring Partners

You will be a good candidate for this Bootcamp if you:

  • Students who possess strong logic and analytical skills or individuals with knowledge of maths & statistics
  • Software engineers with a strong inclination for Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Marketing analysts who want to level-up their skills or analysts from sectors where data analysis is key
  • Entrepreneurs, managers, or business owners who want to have full control over the business analytics for data-driven decision making
  • Economists and bankers skilled in data analysis


A recently published IBM’s study found that the world needs another 28% Data scientists worldwide by 2020 to meet increased demand. If we add data from various job-listings to this and annual salary of 130.000$, we can see why Data Scientist is considered the “hottest profession” in 2020.

Through this intensive 8 month, remote Bootcamp, and by learning through work on practical examples and real-life projects, you will acquire a skill set that’s in high demand, not only in the IT sector but also in finance, business, healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, urban planning, transports, and logistics.

At the Remote Live Data Science Bootcamp in Vienna, you will conquer the key domains in this field like:

  • Data Engineering in SQL
  • Data Analysis
  • Software Engineering in Python
  • Maths & Stats for Applied Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning and predictive models


You will be able to contribute to businesses that possess large datasets through data analysis & transformation, predictive analytics, and ML algorithms. Besides the business sector, you could also take part in Data Science research for established projects.

As unpredictable and uncertain this year is, investing in career transformation is a parachute to the future. The tech industry is a field that never stopped hiring, never stopped building – as the pandemic started. Some people changed jobs, taking into account that it had a planetary deficit of the workforce for years, this was a refreshment for some companies and a loss for others.

Mihai Delapeta: Designing products that have the users' best interest at heart | UX/UI Design

Join the next Spring Batch and start learning this month through the free Prep Programme. Master Data Science by working on real-life projects.

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