Welcome – Vienna UX/UI Design Bootcamp Students

Welcome - Vienna UX/UI Design Bootcamp Students

Wishing a warm welcome to all new students on the Vienna UX/UI Design Bootcamp!

This Autumn semester, 1000 new students began their education with Brainster – an impressive number of ambitious people who strive towards new career heights. We received 300+ applications for the Vienna UX/UI Design Bootcamp and – after a long selection process – chose 18 participants coming from interdisciplinary backgrounds.

Starting from the very basics of UX/UI Design, instructors Damjan Obal, Amedea Derenda Mujezinovic, Gonzalo Lusi Palombarini, and Ana Trandafir will guide this project-based curriculum.

A person with strong willpower can put in all the hard work, take an online course, and learn how to play the violin. But to perform an extraordinary Vienna New Year’s Day concert with the Vienna Philharmonic takes world-class education and years of practice. Just like in the tech industry. Tools are here, and available to us. Online courses are accessible within a few clicks. We can learn anything we set our minds to. It’s not only up to mastering the tools. It is up to practicing the intent of exploiting those tools in order to make world-class things and products.

The 6-month UX/UI Design Bootcamp will help students master a skillset through working on real-life projects. At this Bootcamp they will:

  • Build a portfolio by working on real-life challenges
  • Learn from industry leader instructors
  • Level up by working with our Career Coach
  • Gain T-shaped skills
  • Be able to connect with a network of 9.000+ digital professionals
  • Have hiring opportunities through our Hiring Partners


As unpredictable and uncertain this year is, investing in career transformation is a parachute to the future. The tech industry is a field that never stopped hiring, never stopped building – as the pandemic started. Some people changed jobs, taking into account that it had a planetary deficit of the workforce for years, this was a refreshment for some companies and a loss for others.

You will be a good candidate for this Bootcamp if you:

  • Have a passion for design and aesthetics
  • Enjoy testing new features
  • Thrive when innovating
  • Have developed a strong sense of empathy
  • Enjoy working with people


Join the next Fall Batch and start learning this month through the free Prep Programme. Master UX/UI Design by working on real-life projects.

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