What can you achieve in 1 year, if you start learning UX/UI Design today?

Designers create realities for the entire world. Be it a hair drier, a postcard, or a web application. The way products look and feel is the job of a designer. And in an economy that keeps digitizing by the second, UX/UI Design professionals are more and more needed.


Reaching mastery in UX/UI Design is a process that requires a years-long commitment to the subject matter. That is a fact. But completing a UX/UI Design project can be done with 6-12 months of hard work and dedication – and land you a job as a junior.

Are you wondering if you could do it? We broke it down – What can you achieve in 1 year, if you start learning UX/UI Design today? Here are some project examples our UX/UI Design students completed within a few months of their designer journeys. 


Project #1: Redesigning Traivellings’ booking management system


This winter, the students on the UX/UI Design Bootcamp worked on a project for Traivelling – an Austrian startup whose mission is enabling everyone to travel sustainably – by train. 

Traivelling embarked on an ambitious mission to connect train systems all over the world. They came to Brainster with a unique problem. They have already designed and developed the new website and booking system for customers, but what they didn’t have was the booking management system – a centralized platform where all Traivelling agents would have access to all booking information and which would be the source of truth for the whole organization. Read more about this project.


Meet Traivelling - A new Learning Partner of the UX/UI Bootcamp


Project #2: Designing an e-shop for the digital printing company MyPrint


The solutions offered to the client contained detailed research, conclusions, wireframes and visual design proposals. The students worked hard, fully committed to the task and successfully overcame the challenge given to them. 

Through working on real projects for real clients, students learn from each other and have the opportunity to show the acquired knowledge and their creativity. Read more about this project.


New project in the student's portfolio from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp


Project #3: Creating an e-shop platform in just 48 hours for the client Altius


The participants were divided into 4 teams, each with 4 members. To each team, a mentor was assigned, available all the time for advice, support and assistance. Although it was quite difficult and unpredictable, there was a lot of fun. They studied, worked and socialized online via the Zoom platform. Read more about this project.


UX/UI or Graphic Design: Which Type of Design Is Right for You?


Project #4: Designing a Marketing Map (Marketing services marketplace)


The idea for making a Marketing Map is to connect marketers and marketing agencies with companies that need marketing services. Currently, requesting and offering services, according to our research and information from the client, takes place on social networks or through a recommendation. The existence of such a map would facilitate that communication and that process of connecting customers with marketers. Read more about this project.


The winning team from the UX/UI Design Hackathon


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