Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? The answer lies in the data

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time The answer lies in the data

Business Intelligence is one of the most attractive modules at the Data Science Bootcamp because it finds application in all business areas.

To prove how great are the BI possibilities, in this blog post, we present the project made by Filip and Aleksandar, students from our Data Science Bootcamp, where through a detailed data analysis they objectively solve one of the biggest sports dilemmas of Today – Who is the basketball G.O.A.T between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, at the moment when most needed?

We had a chance to talk to Aleksandar a few weeks ago, so this time we talk with Filip to tell us more about the motivation, the process and the realization of the project.

Brainster: Filip, where did the idea and the opportunity come out for making such an interesting project? Since the answer always lies in the data, is this the end of the comparisons between Jordan and LeBron? 🙂

Filip: The idea for something like this already existed before, but the opportunity to create this project came quite by an accident. I browse on LinkedIn, and I came across a challenge to create a data visualization dashboard. The goal challenge was to finally dispel the eternal dilemma of who is the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

From one side, as a big fan of basketball, and statistical visualizations and analysis from the other, as a new Data Scientist, I accepted the challenge, seeing it as a fun opportunity to test my abilities.

I would not say that here end the comparisons. Given that these are two basketball giants who constantly broke records and were at the top, the data show that the battle is tied and that they would complement each other, with their virtues. In our opinion, and according to our approach watching only the final matches, when it comes to pressure, winners are born, so the pedestal is taken by Michael Jordan.

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Brainster: Tell us something more about the realization of the analysis itself. Explain in more detail the whole process. How did you come to the data? How did you process it?

Filip: The data was previously cleared and was available online. Our task was to visualize it, answering who is the best of all time.

However, in our case, additional processing of the original data was required to perform some visualizations. Also, since we decided to approach the problem differently, it was necessary to filter it, to use the data only from the final matches.

After sorting the data, the creativity and creation of the final look of the PowerBI dashboard came into play. In this segment, we paid the most attention.

Brainster: Is there room for further analysis? As we shared this project with people who watch basketball, they immediately suggested comparisons with several other famous names in NBA history. 🙂

Filip: Really? With which basketball players would you compare these two giants? Haha.

Of course, there is room for further analysis, whether it is the same basketball players or some others. There are basketball players with more rings or points scored by both of them.

That is the beauty of this issue. Each individual or team sees things from their perspective and has a unique idea to present the data. The possibilities for comparisons and visualizations are endless. Specifically, for this challenge, I am fascinated by the creativity of the people and the way they decided to present the data.

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time The answer lies in the data

Brainster: Filip, you were part of the team that had one of the best BI solutions for the Macedonia2025 project as part of the Bootcamp. Considering this project, is data visualization and dashboard creation your favourite domain to work or would you focus your career in another direction?

Filip: Honestly, at the moment, I would not limit myself to this field of Data Science, as it covers a wide range of activities and possible professions. However, I would single it out as a segment that allows the greatest freedom and creativity.

As a logician, studying the PowerBI module within the Bootcamp, especially after finishing it, by working on the winning project for Macedonia2025, I discovered that I also have creative abilities, which amazes me. Believe it or not, “Data Science is as much an art as it is a science.”

Brainster: In your opinion, how important is this segment of storytelling data, especially in communication with clients or decision-makers? Does every Data Scientist or Data Analyst should have the skills, to show the conclusions of their work as clearly and descriptively as possible?

Filip: I think storytelling is a key element in whether a client’s decision will go in one direction or another. That is the factor that defines Data scientists as great. For one Data Analyst or Data Scientist to be capable to present the conclusions of his work as clearly and descriptively as possible, he needs to be detailed, think logically and have excellent communication skills. Having all this, he would understand the problem in detail and present the solution to the client.

However, I must mention that there are professionals in the Data Science field, which do not require storytelling data, so they are suitable for individuals who do not have such affinities.

Brainster: You were one of the best performing students in the group that completed the program a month ago. Given your portfolio as a geodetic engineer, how would you summarize the entire experience of the Bootcamp, given the skills you possess now?

Filip: I still find it amazing how much progress I have made over the past year. In such a short time, I have been able to advance in this field, from a little bit of knowledge of Python to the level of creating complex Machine Learning models. Here I would like to highlight the model that we worked with the team, for the foreign startup company Renoon, as a final project.

Of course, all this was not naive. The whole process requires a concrete vision, a clear direction, firm determination, perseverance, a lot of work, energy, time, sweats… You get to the point. However, the effort that instructors put into their goal of selflessly imparting their knowledge is fair to reward successful results.

One of the benefits that I am so grateful for is the friendships I have with great people, which I believe will be lasting.

All in all, it was a truly unique and memorable experience.

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time The answer lies in the data

Brainster: It is no secret that you hesitated a lot about whether you should start learning Data Science. 🙂 Although it was a long time ago, can you remember what your fears and doubts were then? Were they justified from this perspective?

Filip: Yes, unfortunately, I remember very well that period. It was primarily due to some of my incomplete information with what Data Science deals with it. Here comes as well the stigma that accompanies it, as the most complex area in the IT world. Besides, everything happened in one day, without much thought, which is not typical for me. From today’s point of view, this is the best decision I have ever made in my life.

That is why I want to thank the Brainster team for believing in my potential and highlighting their ability to predict relevant Data Science candidates with great accuracy. 😊

Brainster: What are your plans when it comes to Data Science? Not just in terms of career, but also in terms of upgrading?

Filip: Of course, my main plan is to pursue a career as a Data Scientist. Maybe one of the desired options will be the fusion of a new and the old career as a Spatial Data Scientist.

I am currently upgrading with online courses and webinars, but also, together with Aleksandar, we are working on something interesting related to data visualization. Stay tuned!

Brainster: Finally. Filip, congratulations on the success at the Bootcamp and on another completed project. What would be your message to anyone considering studying Data Science?

Filip: To believe in themselves. To get out of the comfort zone and not be afraid to take risks, because only those who take risks – succeed. The only thing they need to bring with them is a desire for success and enthusiasm for a lot of work, and for everything else, they will have the support of the instructors and the Brainster team.

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.“

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time The answer lies in the data

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