Why you need to spend more time on а career guidance?

Why should you spend more time on career guidance?

In our daily work, we constantly meet people, dissatisfied with their careers, and determined to start a new one.

Most of them say that when choosing a career, they did not devote enough time. Or did not have someone to consult with.
At the same time, it’s the fact that more than half, i.e. over 60%, come to us for a complete career change. This indicates, a serious lack of time devoted to exploring career options and prospects, resulting in years of wandering and changing professions to find the right one. This problem is global.

From research, published in the British Independent9 out of 10 people between the ages of 21 and 65 said they felt they might rush to choosing a career. Most of them locate the mistake in the insufficiently dedicated time for choosing a career, and in the fact that they were not sure what they truly wanted to choose. They felt that they had to decide because their time was running out.

The rest were mostly under pressure from their parents to choose a career that their parents considered promising, or to inherit a career, that they did not find interesting enough for them, nor were the prospects were same as their parents had in their time.

30% of students, after completing the first or second year of study, stated that they would choose another faculty if they could choose again. 20% of them said they regretted making their choice. The biggest reason for the dissatisfaction was insufficient research before making any choice.

Therefore, we firmly decided to address this issue. We have begun by creating a powerful tool that will motivate people to explore more, before choosing a career. This will help them to focus on a career that will make them successful and happy.

Why should you spend more time on career guidance?

A free digital career guidance tool

The Brainster team has developed a digital tool, the Personality and Career Quiz, which is now available for all people. What makes this free tool important in a broader context is that it highlights the need to devote more time to career research and counselling.

This tool is the first tool that addresses the problem of not spending enough time making this important decision. In addition to the problem of choosing a career, we located two major problems, from the interviewed students.

The first one refers to those that are aware of the importance of the choice and are willing to devote time but often had no one to consult with. Or could not get relevant information about the future of certain professions, i.e. their perspective.
The second problem refers to those who had someone to consult with but rarely had a chance to feel first hand what it means to work practically in a specific area.

The Brainster team prepared a series of activities that will seriously impose the topic of career and career guidance. These address both of these problems and will try to provide a solution to them.

Why should you spend more time on career guidance?

The three parts of the Personality and Career Quiz

The quiz consists of three parts.

The first part of the quiz has 32 questions from the Open Extended Jungian Type Scales, which determines the affiliation of one of the 16 personality types defined according to this methodology.

The second set of questions, recommends digital skills that would suit the affinities and personal characteristics of the test taker. This set of questions was developed by the Brainster team, based on the experience conducted by 5,000 student interviews. The results from this part of the quiz are just a recommendation of digital skills, that should be considered when choosing a future career.

After completing all the questions, you get a detailed personalised result with a lot of information, that can help you a lot, in choosing a career and work environment.

In addition to the Brainster team, students from the Coding Bootcamp, the UX/UI Bootcamp and the QA Bootcamp were actively involved in making the quiz. They worked hard to help other people to get their dream job.

We invite you to share it with all those who are or will soon be facing an important career challenge and choice, and together to help them.

Why should you spend more time on career guidance?

Our methodology has a hands-on and project-based approach that helps students learn by doing while following an expert-led curriculum.

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